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Corporate America landscape has changed. Loyalty? The connection of loyalty between employee and employer and employer to employee is extinct. People change jobs every 4 to 5 years. Who has the inside scoop on where everybody is going better than the internal employees of a company: who is unhappy, who is interviewing, who is getting promoted and who is getting transferred? The “Insider” knows all and can benefit by “Pushing” Public jobs to colleagues.

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Why let boutique recruiting firms use your network to land huge fees typically between $20,000-$50,000 per hire? Let’s turn the tables and make everybody in the world a recruiter and allow them to benefit from their own network! Referrals are the best Hire (and that's 83% better according to research). CRUMS is the #1 platform in this arena!

CRUMS is...

Candidate Referral Unlimited Monetization System

The one and only CROWDSOURCING recruitment system, where employers hire better candidates faster and YOU can earn money by referring jobs to your own network of friends and colleagues! Now, you no longer have to be a recruiter to earn a portion of the typical $20,000-$50,000 per job commission. Read on for more information and sign up today - it's free!


Hiring professionals know that finding the ideal candidate takes both time and money. What if you could harness the power of your own network and get rewarded along the way? CRUMS SaaS platform unlocks the potential of your professional network. Bottom line? Hiring professionals save time and reduce costs. CRUMs are motivated to find the perfect, proven candidate. With CRUMS, your referrals have value. It's time to leverage them.

As a CRUM (Any individual)

Pay it forward
CRUMS serves as a marketplace of jobs like those seen below. Users called CRUMs can apply to jobs on the website or push them to others in their network.

Pay yourself
Recruiters put up commissions for hiring qualified workers for their positions. When a worker is hired, all members of the referral chain that have led to them being hired split the commission.

As a Subscriber

Set Your Own Fee
Subscribers can post jobs such as the ones shown below on the CRUMS website. CRUMS users, called CRUMs, can either apply to or forward these jobs to others in their network.

Let the Crowd Work
As jobs spread through the networks of the CRUMs, a match for the position will inevitably be found. When this happens, the commission for the hire is split and distributed to all members of the referral chain.

Make Yourself Known
Optionally place your profile(s) into our public listing to be seen by employers looking for candidates like you. Or keep it private, it's up to you.
Finding a Position
Jobs can be posted publicly or privately. Any CRUM can apply to a publicly posted job, whereas privately posted jobs are only available to those sent an invitation by a subscriber and by the CRUMs the job is pushed to.
Public Profile Listing
Art W.
Director Information Technology (Retired)
Kla0126z A.
Software Engineer
Job Board (aka The Bakery)
The Process
Positions need to be filled
Companies that are looking for qualified employees post jobs on the CRUMS website with a commission as a reward for the CRUMs that find a match.
Everyone knows someone
These jobs can be directly applied to by CRUMs or pushed to other members of their network that they think would be qualified for the position.
Jobs spread through the crowd
With Jobs sent to other CRUMs spreading throughout the networks of everyone on the website, it is very likely that a qualified candidate will be found for the position.
Everybody wins!
Companies are able to set their own fee for recruiting and save money while CRUMs are rewarded for finding matches and are able to monetize their network of friends and colleagues.
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